"Green gold of Siciliy"...from the New York Times to the Blog Autore Chocolate!

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Yes, right here

Nytimes - Bronte Pistachio 

We have discovered a common idea: the pistachio of Bronte DOP from Siciliy supplied by our trusted producer Caudullo, is absolutely the best! For centuries, the most precious shell fruit we have in Italy, the pistachio, cultivated on the Etna land and it seems that, in recent times, even the most famous "stars and stripes" chefs love embellishing their dishes using the green emerald gem, as Americans call it.

Since the creation of the Autore Chocolate brand, Antonio Autore, founder of the company, has always strongly recognized the peculiarity of this magical ingredient, agreeing with Americans that the pistachios from Bronte are deeply green, with beautiful shades of purple, and have more concentrated flavor. For this reason, about REWRITING THE TRADITION, among the wide variety of the special croccantini Autore, renewed in taste, we really believe that the pistachio of Bronte flavor with crystal salts of Saline Culcasi from Trapani could be one of the best. 

Antonio, after a carfeul reasearch in raw materials, which distinguishes the brand Autore for each of his products, has identified in Bronte, years ago, the Caudullo company, his trusted supplier and producer, which confirms that the lava under earth and minerals conteined in it make unique the taste of their pistachios. 

Bronte pistachios are harvested twice a year without ever being watered, as to make their flavor more intense...The same intensity that you will find inside our Croccantini Minuti pistachio!

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